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Log Hybrid Construction

Log Hybrid Construction

Log Hybrid Construction

Timber Wolf Log Homes

Log Construction Styles

Handcrafted Full Log Homes

Timber Wolf Handcrafted Log HomesThe line of handcrafted log homes offered by Timber Wolf Handcrafted Log Homes consists of both full scribed and chink style construction. Both styles consist of full length (no butt joints), hand peeled logs that are hand selected for size and quality right from the forest.

Full log homes are preassembled at Timber Wolf Handcrafted construction yard where all the scribing and notching is done. This facilitates an efficient reassembly once we arrive at your site.

Once your log shell is assembled, the building process should continue to flow smoothly due to our high level of preparation for your sub-trade professionals.



Full Scribe LogsFull Scribe Log Construction

This type of log construction requires the most skill and is also the most labor-intensive method of log building. To produce a full scribed home we scribe and hand cut each log to match the contours of the log below. A double row of rubber gasket, along with a strip of wool insulation is hidden inside the log joinery to create a seamless, weather tight fit.

Timber Wolf Handcrafted Log Homes' scribing and notching techniques are designed to work with the characteristics of fresh, unseasoned logs to produce the highest level of log joinery possible.


Chink Style LogsChink Style Construction

Chink style construction is produced by notching only the corner intersections of each log. The horizontal joints of the logs are sealed with a synthetic “chinking” material to create a weatherproof structure.

Timber Wolf Handcrafted Log Homes offers the option of kiln drying logs for chink style homes to reduce the amount of log shrinkage as well as the possibility of chinking failure that can be associated with using fresh logs.




Log Hybrid Construction

A log hybrid home is built using conventional construction techniques along with both structural and non-structural log elements. Design and style are limitless with this type of construction and the degree of log is left to the individual tastes of the homeowner.

Examples of the types of log components that are possible in a conventional home are:

  • Structural and decorative log trusses
  • Log roof structures
  • Log beams and floor joists
  • “Handcrafted” log siding
  • Log porches
  • Log stairs and railings
  • Log mantles
  • Custom milled beams to 45+ feetLog Hybrid Construction

Log hybrid construction also lends itself well to the use of Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs). Timber Wolf Handcrafted Log Homes can formulate a package that is complete using SIP wall and roof panels and the level of log you desire. This type of package can be used for small camps as well as large custom residences.

The use of SIPs not only speeds construction time, but also produces an extremely energy-efficient home that is far more superior to the insulating capabilities of standard frame construction.


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