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Timber Frame Constuction

Timber Frame Construction

Timber Frame Construction

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Full Timber Frame Construction

Timber Frame ConstructionFull timber frame construction is produced when the complete structure is built using large square timbers that are connected using traditional frame joinery throughout. By using full frame construction the structural and aesthetic details of the heavy timbers are visible at all angles of the interior and exterior, giving the structure a timeless feeling of enduring strength. These details can be crafted to produce a traditional rustic appearance with heavy textures, or kept smooth to create more of a modern design.

The species of wood available for timber frame construction ranges from a variety of both hard and soft woods that can be sourced locally or from one of our distant suppliers that provide us with timbers not grown in our local forests.

There are also a variety of surface options available for your timbers. We can give new timbers the weathered appearance of antique beams that have been around for generations. If you prefer a more refined finish, we can work the rough timbers into a satin smooth finish that is inviting to the touch.

All the timbers required to construct your frame are meticulously precut at our indoor production facility and then delivered to your construction site. Once on location the frame is then reassembled by the same crew that did the original joinery.

Upon completion your frame will be completely ready for your subtrades to take to completion. Any procedures that are unique to timber frame construction are shared with the finish crews that follow as well as technical support throughout the duration of the project.

Hybrid Timber Frame Construction

A hybrid timber frame home is built using conventional construction techniques along with both structural and non-structural timber elements. Design and style are limitless with this type of construction and the level of timber detail is left to the individual tastes of the homeowner.

Examples of the types of timber frame components that are possible in a conventional home are:

  • Structural and decorative timber trusses
  • Timber roof structures
  • Heavy timber beams and floor joists
  • Decorative "timber" overlays.
  • Covered porches built with timber components.
  • Timber staircases and railings
  • Timber mantles
  • Custom milled beams to 45+ feet

Hybrid timberframe construction also lends itself well to the use of Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs). Timber Wolf can formulate a package that is complete using SIP wall and roof panels combined with the level of timber detail you desire. This type of package can be used for small camps as well as large custom residences.



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